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Event Horizon Internet Radio features jazz, fusion, avant-garde, experimental and electronic music with digital and analogue sound-scapes that bring the listener to a new level in the internet radio experience. 

You will not find any other station like Event Horizon on the web. Rather than bringing you music you know and expect, you can count on Event Horizon Radio to take you places you would not expect, to explore the cutting edge of the audio medium. Simply an adventure in sound and music.

Unique, bold and always in flux, this is Event Horizon Radio. 

Longer tracks, deeper sounds.

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Event Horizon Internet Radio is a not-for-profit station. 

Event Horizon exists as a non-commercial, public service. Our function is to bring new sounds and new music to the public consciousness. We are a Creative Commons friendly station exploring artists from around the globe. 

To those artists and publishers who would like to add their works to the broadcast, or those who wish to promote a worthy cause on air or on our web page, please feel free to contact us at the link located at the bottom of the page.